what is AI Brow?

AI Brow is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes artificial intelligence and 3D printing to revolutionize the beauty industry. It offers a convenient and personalized approach to Eyebrow Transplant by allowing users to design their own brows with the help of AI . The system creates a 3D model of the user’s face based on a point cloud representation and provides real-time feedback and suggestions for the eyebrows according to face golden ratio.The final design is then 3D printed into a stencil to accurate the procedure according to client’s desired model. 


AI BROW Technology


3D Scanning And Preparing The Applicant’s 3D Model In The Software.


Consultation With The Beauty Professional, And Apply Different Eyebrow Models Based On The Applicant’s Desires And Professional Opinions.


Agreement Between The Applicant And Beauty Professional, And Confirmation Of Designed Eyebrow.


Producing An Eyebrow Stencil.


Printing The Pre-Designed Pattern On The Applicant’s Face Before Performing Microblading Using The Digital Camera And Artificial Intelligence To Eliminate The Possibility Of Error.


Transplant Eyebrow by Surgeon


Eyebrow Transplant Surgeon

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