Eyebrow Transplant VS Microblading

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Eyebrow Transplant VS Microblading

Are you tired of thin, overplucked eyebrows? Are you constantly trying to fill in your sparse brows with a pencil every day without any luck? If so, there are more permanent solutions nowadays that can help give you fuller and thicker brows. We’re talking about eyebrow transplants and microblading – two of the most popular treatments on the market for giving those who have lost their eyebrows due to aging or an accident what they desire: natural-looking brows! In this blog post, we’re going to compare both treatments, discuss the recovery process for each one and then make some recommendations about which option might be best for you. So, let’s dive in and explore all things eyebrow transplant vs microblading!

Length Of the Procedure

Eyebrow transplant and microblading are both popular beauty trends offering natural-looking results. While the eyebrow transplant procedure takes around 3 hours to complete, the microblading process usually requires around 2-3 appointments that total up to be a few hours long. Eyebrow transplants last longer than microblading as they are composed of natural hair follicles as opposed to embroidery and pigments used in microblading, but both techniques offer your choice of finer or thicker hairs. In general, if you are growing out a more natural look, then eyebrow transplant is best for you and for those who want more control over their brows’ appearance and shape then eyebrows may choose microblading.


Natural beauty is the trend of the moment, and for those looking for more permanent solutions than typical beauty treatments, eyebrow transplants and microblading both offer excellent options. While eyebrow transplants require anesthesia and involve tiny “plugs” of hair follicles, the pain experienced is much less than what you would expect from other surgical procedures. On the other hand, microblading results in a much shorter treatment time (likely around an hour) yet comes with more pain as tolerable itching or burning can be felt during the process. So ultimately it depends on your pain tolerance—if you prefer a longer treatment session with less pain then consider eyebrow transplants, but if you’d rather deal with more discomfort for a shorter period of time then microblading may be better suited to your needs.


Eyebrow transplants and microblading are popular procedures to reshape or enhance natural eyebrows. While both procedures provide lasting results, there can be significant differences in the downtime associated with each option. For eyebrow transplants, patients will typically experience more substantial recovery times of up to 10 days during which redness, swelling, and a feeling of tightness is common. On the other hand, microblading may take less time to heal due to the shallow depth of pigments implanted into the skin. Moderate swelling and redness is normal for 48 hours post-treatment, but these symptoms will diminish within a few days after initial application.


When it comes to care and maintenance, there is a clear difference between eyebrow transplant and microblading. Eyebrow transplants demand more of an investment on the part of the patient in terms of time and energy. Aftercare procedures include:

  • Avoiding activities that cause excessive sweat or friction on the treated area.
  • Avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Moisturizing consistently with Vaseline for at least 2 weeks and keeping head elevation as much as possible.

On the other hand, microblading treatment is comparatively easier to take care of – skin should be kept clean and protected from sun exposure by using a sunscreen before 3 weeks after treatment, but is otherwise fairly low-maintenance. Thus, differing needs regarding post-treatment care should be considered when deciding which procedure would be most suitable for one’s particular aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

With the ability to obtain a fuller and more vibrant look for your eyebrows, the eyebrow transplant vs microblading debate may still be alive among beauty aficionados. It all depends on the result that you’d like to achieve and your budget. Eyebrows transplants are a great way to get natural-looking full brows that they can frame and shape as desired. However, microblading supply instant results with minimal cost or effort. Before making any decision, consider consulting with a professional first before committing to either choice. Regardless of your choice, your eyebrows will transform with great results!

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