Eyebrow transplants

What are Eyebrow Transplants?

An Eyebrow Transplant involves taking a graft of hair with both the hair and its roots (follicle) by a cosmetic surgeon and transplanting them to the eyebrow area. Hair grafts are usually taken from the nape of the neck. Once the hair grafts are removed, they’re placed in a storage container with a chilled saline solution for up to an hour before they are implanted in your eyebrows by the surgeon. You won’t feel anything during the procedure since eyebrow transplants are usually done under local anesthesia.

Following the procedure, the newly transplanted follicles are left open, and a crust forms around them. A few days after the procedure, these crusts should fall off as part of the healing process.

It may take up to five days for the area to bruise and swell. Ideally, a saline spray should be applied every two to three hours. Up to five days after surgery, your doctor will likely prescribe painkillers, antibiotics, and steroids for oral consumption. There will be some hair fall out after implantation, but hair regrowth in the area should begin within a few weeks.

Who Might Benefit from Eyebrow Transplants?

There are multiple reasons why someone might need an eyebrow transplant.

  • Burns to the eyebrow area
  • Scarring
  • Tumors
  • Trichotillomania
  • Under active thyroid gland (hypothyroidism)‌ that makes loss of eyebrows
  • Alopecia areata 

What are the advantages of an Eyebrow Transplant?

The advantages of getting an eyebrow transplant include:

  • Supernatural
  • Permanent
  • No need to use makeup after

What are After Care for Eyebrow Transplant?

  • After surgery, make sure you get plenty of rest

  • Remove the bandages when it is safe to do so

  • Until your provider says you can participate in strenuous activities, avoid them

  • In some cases, stitches will have to be removed while in others, they may dissolve over time

  • Take care and use caution when washing your surgical site(s)

  • Make follow-up appointments with your surgeon to see if your skin is healing properly

Do eyebrows grow long after an eyebrow transplant?

Your eyebrow transplanted hair will grow in the same way as if it were still on your scalp. This is even though there is no eyebrow. In order to maintain the length of your eyebrows after an eyebrow transplant, you may need to trim them regularly.

What is the process:

1. Designing Process:

  • 3D Scanning and Preparing the Applicant’s 3D Model in The Software.
  • Display different eyebrow models on the applicants face using software in consultation with the beauty professional
  • Applicants Agreement with Beauty Professional, and Confirmation of Eyebrow Design.
  • Producing an Eyebrow Stencil.

2. Harvesting the Hairs

Typically, two main harvesting techniques are used by cosmetic surgeons. Both methods restore hair effectively. FUE and FUT are these techniques.

Follicular unit extraction is a sutureless method of hair restoration in which hair follicles are extracted from the back of head under local anaesthesia with the help of special micropunches


  • Minimal pain during or after their procedure
  • Short recovery time
  • Minimal Scarring In Donor Area


Follicular unit transplantation involves a technique where a thin strip of healthy hair-bearing skin, from a ‘permanent’ area of the scalp is harvested


  • High Graft Quality
  • Higher Rate of Follicles Survival
  • Natural Looking Results
  • No Additional Scarring with Subsequent Sessions

3. Implanting Hairs

  • Printing The Pre-Designed eyebrow on The Applicant’s Face
  •  Transplant the printed areas on the applicants face according to the direction of the hair

As with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks associated with the surgery that could include:

  • Scarring
  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Bruising
  • Loss of feeling or some hair follicles at the surgical site

You won’t feel anything during an eyebrow transplant since you will receive general anesthesia. After the procedure, you may experience mild pain as your skin heals. Depending on your surgeon’s recommendation, you can take prescription pain medication or over-the-counter pain medication

Compared to other cosmetic surgeries, eyebrow transplants heal quickly. The first few weeks should be a time when you can resume light activities such as working. You should start to see scabs on your eyebrows during this time. You may feel tempted to pick at these scabs, but avoid doing so because it can hinder healing. At the discretion of their provider, most people can resume strenuous activities after several weeks. Your provider should be contacted if your activities result in bleeding, swelling, or pus leakage from your surgical site.

It takes six to 12 weeks for new hair to grow in the transplanted area. Losing hair from the surgical site is normal — this helps make room in your hair follicles for new hair growth.

It is a long-term solution to have your eyebrows transplanted. The results can last a lifetime.

Some possible complications of eyebrow transplants include: ‌

  • Some transplants not “taking” to the skin resulting in patchy hair
  • Misaligned eyebrows due to anesthesia positioning your brows
    unnaturally during surgery
  • Hair growing in different directions or having different textures‌
    Rarer complications can include: ‌
  • Infection
  • Inflamed and infected hair follicles (folliculitis) 
  • Scarring
  • Bruising and swelling ‌


  • Blood leaking out of your surgical site
  • Severe pain.
  • Swelling


An Eyebrow Transplant and Microblading are both cosmetic procedures that make your eyebrows appear fuller. Microblading is a semi-permanent type of cosmetic tattoo that can last for 18 months while an eyebrow transplant isa cosmetic surgery to move hair follicles from your scalp to your eyebrows and it is permanent.


what is AI Brow?

Three-dimensional (3D) scanning, image processing, artificial intelligence (AI) and producing guides and stencils by 3D printers for cosmetic non-invasive and invasive procedures

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