Mammoplasty Custom Stencils

Reduction mammoplasty simulation software

Using this simulation software can be very effective in acquiring the desired results from reduction mammoplasty. The simulation platform of this software and the provided 3D analyzes for producing surgical guides avoid unnecessary procedures, spending extra time and money, and further applicants’ dissatisfaction with final results.

Reduction mammoplasty using custom stencils steps


3D Scanning And Preparing The Applicant’s 3D Model In The Software.


Consultation With The Surgeon, And Apply Changes Based On The Applicant’s Desires And Surgeon’s Opinions.


Agreement Between The Applicant And Surgeon, And Confirmation Of Designed Breast. In Some Cases, An Agreement Is Not Reached At This Stage, And Unnecessary And Wrong Surgery Is Prevented.


Analyzing The Volume Of Reduction In Each Breast, The Distance Between Nipples, And The Distance Between Each Nipple To Clavicle; These Analyses Are Hanged On The Surgery Room’s Board For The Surgeon To Check.


Producing Stencils To Specify Breast Incision Lines.


Construction Of Surgical Guides By 3D Printers Based On Secondary Breast Design.

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